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LIGHTN - Every 3 Months

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Don’t Let The Sun and Time Steal Your Youthful Appearance… Get It Back With ModernHer’s “LIGHTN” Corrector + Brightening Cream Today

Age spots, sun spots, blemishes, patchy skin… All of it could make you look older than you really feel inside. But you no longer have to be bothered by these age-telling marks when you can Houdini their appearance with our layered, dark-spot correcting formula: LIGHTN.

You’ll “SPOT” The Visible Difference Over The Coming Weeks

Like the eraser on the tip of their #2 pencil, watch the magic happen as these “spots” visibly become less noticeable and your skin appears more even.

You see, it’s not about just “bleaching” your skin tone…

It’s about feeding your skin an antioxidant rich supply of ingredients shown to lighten and support a healthier, more cleaner appearance. Because the healthier your skin, the better it’s going to look. And the better you’re going to feel heading out the door.

Ingredients Like Magic In A Bottle

Aloe Vera Juice
Vitamin E
Grape Seed Oil
Licorice Extract
Vitamin C
Hyaluronic Acid
Berry Extract

Aloe Vera Juice

Has been found to help give the appearance of a more rested, even skin tone along with a cooling shine that lasts. 1

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E has been used for more than 50 years in dermatology to help promote the appearance of healthier skin tone 2

Grapeseed Oil

As both an antioxidant and astringent, Grape Seed Oil has been shown to help tighten the look of skin by locking in its moisture content.3

Licorice Extract

Could help promote a more even look that radiates a happy and healthy skin tone. 4

Vitamin C

A 2017 review found that using vitamin C on the surface of skin was shown to help relieve the appearance of dark spots.5

Hyaluronic Acid

Has been shown to hydrate skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and especially off-color blemishes6


According to one systematic review, clinical studies support resveratrol’s potential to mask the appearance of age marks because of its unique chemical properties contained within...7

Azelaic Acid

Could help brighten the look of blemishes and dark spots. Helping skin to appear more luminous and youthful.8

Enjoy 90-Day Guarantee On All Of Our Products

Including Your Purchase Today

We always want you to feel secure and confident when you order from ModernHer. That is why we've gone above and beyond to offer you a 90-day guarantee on all of our products including our LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector today.

We’re confident that in no time, you'll begin to see the changes in your appearance that will bring a smile to your face as you walk out the door. However, if you're not satisfied, write in or call us at our customer support number and we'll be happy to grant you a full refund minus the cost to ship them back. Even if your bottle is opened and finished.

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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee (minus cost to ship them back)

Free Shipping For All Orders Over $100 Within the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector easy to apply?
USE: Apply 2-3 pumps of dark spot corrector to dark spots and patches, in the morning and night, before your moisturizer. For visibly optimal results, apply with a daily sunscreen.
Is LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector safe for sensitive or reactive skin?
The one great thing we love about LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector is how safe the ingredients are for most everyday skin types. However, if you're a bit hesitant, feel free to use once per day and see how your skin reacts then go from there.
How often can I use LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector?
1-2x per day is all you need. Apply sunscreen after if need be.
Can I use this with other products like my moisturizer, and retinol?
Without knowing the other products you are using and their ingredients, it's hard to say. However, most women will use LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector in the morning and then at night with their other products.
How fast can I notice results in the mirror?
The answer really depends on the user, their skin tone and more. Many women see visible results in less than a week. Some more.
Are there studies verifying the effectiveness of LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector?
There are no direct studies on LIGHTN Dark Spot Corrector. Only the ingredients we use in the formula that have been studied and shown to be effective at supporting your skin's appearance.
Will the formula feel greasy or oily?
Not at all. Most women comment the formula feels gentle on the face.
How long will one bottle last?
That depends how much you use. However, most women go through a bottle every 20-30 days.

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